Learning about light



This is a photographer i have been following on Instagram for a while. His name is Kosovo Ferizaj and he does beautiful wedding photograph and one thing I always wondered is how he got such great lighting on a couple when the sun was behind them.(I was young, naive, and didn’t know about location lighting.

After taking this class I learned that its not just the sun and natural light. He uses multiple location lights to capture this beautiful shot. He uses a big soft box to illuminate the couple softly and fill lights to make sure they are lit but create dramatic shadows in the architecture around them.

The Dream Continues…

U.S. Must Keep DACA and Accept New Applications, Federal Judge Rules

While this is not about a visual element it is about something that effects my life greatly. Recently Judge John D. Bates announced that the government had to continue on with the DACA program continue. He ruled that there were grounds in the termination of it and that the government should continue to accept applications.

This does not necessarily mean that new applications are required to be accepted but it is still a step in the right direction. Many people that are close to me feel a little safer and happier once this news came out. It gives the 800,000 people who are DACAmented more hope.

Zoe Ramos


For this blog post I picked a photo I took for the photo series shoot. I wanted to analyze it so I know what improvements I can make for this weekend. The shoot didn’t go as planned but I  was happy that Zoe felt more comfortable in front of the camera ad truly did show her personality. I told her to make a normal face in this picture even though it exudes sass. That is pretty much who Zoe is. She is little but has a HUGE personality.

One of the corrections I have to make is with the lighting. I am going to take the advice and point two mono lights to the background to separate my model form the back ground. I also need to illuminate the face more. I had used a beauty dish but I think I needed to lower it more for her to come out better exposed. Ill have to add a fill card too so there aren’t as many shadows. I also want to add a hair light to separate her even more and illuminate her hair texture.



MoreMulher makes calendars every year featuring women of color. There purpose is to empower those women and celebrate their timeless beauty. Each year they dedicate it to a certain group of women. This past year has been a Mothers Edition.

I randomly found them online trying to find inspiration and lighting for my series. I learned that you should put women with colors that compliment their undertones in order to make the color pop the most. You should also use light closer to darker tones versus lighter tones. This photography exemplifies the use of undertones. While they did the photographs on location, you can see the direction of the light source and how it creates flattering shadows.

A New Sister


Over the weekend I did a photoshoot with the newest member of Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. Her name is Briana Ramirez and she is also my “little”! We did the photoshoot around campus and this is a little area behind Fin Hall on the horseshoe. it had a bench with almost a wall of flowers behind it.

I tried to capture her sweet and fun nature in this photograph. The lighting was working really well! It was a relatively cloudy day but there was enough sun to get the correct brightness. One of the complications was dealing with the sun moving through the clouds a lot. I had to make many adjustments through out the shoot and have Briana reposition herself so the lighting around her face was not harsh.

When in space


While scrolling through my photos I found this older picture I took of myself. I used to have it set for my profile picture for pretty much every social media account I have. It was my first time doing a really fun lip look and my style in this is not my usual style. I wanted to do something different than what I look like everyday and really try to push myself out of my comfort zone.

While this photo is not the most technically correct, it is a very accurate representation of my inner self. I tend to project myself as a quiet person and with the stress of graduation I chose comfort over style. My inner self is definitely a fun and fashion loving person. I loved to do bolder looks and really do things that were not everyday conventional looks. I’ll have to try to find images of all the lip art I have done after this!

The look I tried to do in this photo was sort of space/galaxy themed. I had “space” buns in the picture. My makeup look is a simple winged look with blue eyeliner underneath my eye to give it an extra pop. The lips were done using a dark blue liquid lipstick and blue makeup glitter on top. I ended up accidentally eating a lot of glitter that day, haha!


Cindy Sherman


Cindy Sherman is one of my favorite photographers. One of her main focuses is to satirize the beauty standards are in society. In her portraits she dresses up in ridiculous clothes and over does her makeup and tan. She pairs the portraits with brightly colored backgrounds to add a clownish effect to the image.

She is a woman of many traits. She acts as the photographer, model, makeup artist, wardrobe, and hairdresser for her shoots. I identify with this too. I love doing all those things so I can get the specific look I want for photographs.

Sunset Eyes

I’m currently obsessed with the new Morphe 3502 eyeshadow palette. It has different shades of browns, gold, oranges, and reds. I’ve loved creating eye looks inspired by sunsets and rust colors. It’s usually my go-to eyeshadow look. I feel inspired with the colors on and they match mostly any outfit or occasion!


This image is not the most technically correct but it has recently become on of my favorites. The person pictures is my little sister.  We did a mini photo shoot o my iPhone because she wanted a new picture for her Instagram. It was a cloudy day and we were at the river walk.

The reason why I love this image so much is because it shows off her true personality. She is a very beautiful, strong, courageous, and independent woman with a funny and light hearted side. This was not one of the pictures she posed for. We were joking about something and I had caught her laughing. What makes this a great image is the content and the meaning with it. It captures a wonderful moment between her and I.img_5312