When in space


While scrolling through my photos I found this older picture I took of myself. I used to have it set for my profile picture for pretty much every social media account I have. It was my first time doing a really fun lip look and my style in this is not my usual style. I wanted to do something different than what I look like everyday and really try to push myself out of my comfort zone.

While this photo is not the most technically correct, it is a very accurate representation of my inner self. I tend to project myself as a quiet person and with the stress of graduation I chose comfort over style. My inner self is definitely a fun and fashion loving person. I loved to do bolder looks and really do things that were not everyday conventional looks. I’ll have to try to find images of all the lip art I have done after this!

The look I tried to do in this photo was sort of space/galaxy themed. I had “space” buns in the picture. My makeup look is a simple winged look with blue eyeliner underneath my eye to give it an extra pop. The lips were done using a dark blue liquid lipstick and blue makeup glitter on top. I ended up accidentally eating a lot of glitter that day, haha!


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