Zoe Ramos


For this blog post I picked a photo I took for the photo series shoot. I wanted to analyze it so I know what improvements I can make for this weekend. The shoot didn’t go as planned but I  was happy that Zoe felt more comfortable in front of the camera ad truly did show her personality. I told her to make a normal face in this picture even though it exudes sass. That is pretty much who Zoe is. She is little but has a HUGE personality.

One of the corrections I have to make is with the lighting. I am going to take the advice and point two mono lights to the background to separate my model form the back ground. I also need to illuminate the face more. I had used a beauty dish but I think I needed to lower it more for her to come out better exposed. Ill have to add a fill card too so there aren’t as many shadows. I also want to add a hair light to separate her even more and illuminate her hair texture.

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